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The Federación de Comités de Solidaridad con el África Negra (The Federation of Committees for Solidarity with Black Africa),, is a private, independent, non-profit organisation, which is not associated with any political ideology, company or government. To learn more about our objectives, campaigns, internal organisation, etc., please visit our website (

Our head offices are located in Madrid, in C/ Argumosa, 1 – 5ºA, postal code 28012. If you wish to contact us, you can do so by post, by telephone (914684954), or by sending an email to:


The “” and “” domains are registered by the Federación de Comités de Solidaridad con el África Negra and the management and content of the website are the responsibility of the organisation.

Our website is an essential part of our work and allows us to publicise our campaigns, publish our reports, and mobilise both our supporters and the public as a whole. You can access most of the pages without revealing your identity or any other personal data. However, on the website there may be links to other sites which have their own privacy agreements.

When you provide personal data in specific forms (“cyberactions”, association and donation), we retain the IP address (a number which identifies each computer accessing the Internet) from which the data is transmitted. Why do we do this? Because we try to prevent fraud – the unauthorised use of a credit for example – by alerting the relevant authorities provided that they comply with the established legal requirements. If you prefer to do so, you may provide the data required in the above-mentioned forms by phone, post, fax or email.

Our website uses cookies (fragments of information which are stored in the hard disk of the computer accessing a website) in order to analyse how users utilise our website. We compile statistical information of the pages visited, the “clicks” made on the different sections, the frequency of use, etc. We do this because the information obtained helps us to improve our content and make our activities more efficient.

If you don’t want cookies to be stored in your computer, change your browser configuration (normally you can find this option on the “tools-options-privacy” menu). By accepting the privacy statement, you are authorising us to keep your IP address and use the cookies for the purposes described above.


The Comités de Solidaridad con el África negra do not gather personal data without its owner’s knowledge. We shall not store or use your data for any purpose or send you messages without your consent.

If you decide to provide us with your personal data, we understand that it pertains to you or that you are authorised to provide us with such information. We shall consider it as truthful and accurate. We shall save all information provided by you in an automated and confidential file.

By filling in your data on any of our website’s forms, you are expressly accepting the content of this privacy policy statement and authorising us to use it for the purposes explained herein. If you do not agree with this privacy policy statement, please do not provide us with your data. You can send a message with your opinion or queries to and we shall respond as soon as possible.

By filling in the form featured on this website and providing your personal data, you are authorising us to transmit such data to the European Parliament, with the sole purpose of supporting the campaign for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to be awarded to Victoire Ingabire.

Furthermore, we will ask your permission to send you emails with information about the campaign,and if you activated this option when submitting your data, you will receive updates on its progress.

Remember that you can exercise you right to have your data removed or modified at any time by contacting us via email, post or by calling the telephone number provided.

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